TMS Machines Explained
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TMS Machines Explained

You might be wondering what type of machine is used during TMS therapy. In this guide, we help you understand more about TMS machines, how they work, and which machine is most efficient at both administering TMS treatment and delivering positive results.

What is a TMS machine?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) machines are medical devices that administer TMS therapy to the brain. TMS is approved by the FDA for people with treatment-resistant depression. It involves the delivery of short electromagnetic pulses to areas of the brain known to be underactive in depression.

Are there different types of TMS machines?

There are multiple types of TMS machines that have been approved to treat patients in the United States and around the world. Apollo TMS, CloudTMS, and NeuroStar® are just a few of these, with NeuroStar® ‘s Advanced Therapy System recognized as the leading provider of TMS therapy.

Are TMS machines safe?

TMS machines have been thoroughly tested in clinical trials and patient studies. With built-in sensory technology, they are proven to be safe for clinical practice. The electromagnetic pulses are no stronger than those used in an MRI machine. The brain also naturally uses electric signals to communicate with and control parts of the brain and the body, so these small electromagnetic pulses targeting underactive areas of the brain are what make TMS therapy so effective.

What does a TMS machine consist of?

The primary components of a TMS machine are:

  • Comfortable chair with head support – this allows the patient to relax during the procedure
  • High Performance Coil – this consists of an electromagnet that generates the magnetic pulses
  • Flexible arm – this connects the coil to the computer
  • Computer – this controls the coil and is used to operate the machine

What makes the NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy System the leading recommended machine?

As the first to receive FDA clearance in 2008 for a 19-minute treatment time, and with over 850 placements across the United States, the NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy System is the highest-rated TMS system trusted by patients and clinicians. Its components and software are designed for optimal, consistent delivery of the TMS treatment dose for each patient.

The treatment location on the head is determined with a 3D laser-guided, six-point coordinate system. The SenStar Connect is unique to NeuroStar® and works to ensure the treatment coil is always positioned correctly. It provides continuous, real-time feedback throughout the course of treatment, tracking lost pulses and allowing your clinician the opportunity to re-administer any lost pulses at the end of treatment. Each patient receives exactly his or her prescribed dose of TMS therapy, every time.

Another component unique to NeuroStar® is the MT Assist software, which records your initial treatment’s coordinates so that they do not need to be re-identified in future treatments. This software, combined with their TrackStar Cloud-based management system, allows all treatment information to be downloaded to any NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy System in a psychiatrist’s network. This makes it easy and flexible for patients to receive the same exact treatment session, no matter what clinic or location they may go to.

For more information about TMS machines and the NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy System, you can contact TMS Treatment Clinics by clicking below.

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